Samsung Q90R soundbar

I’m thinking quite seriously of downsizing my home theatre. Reduced box count, less clutter, etc.

Does anyone have any experience of the Samsung Q90R soundbar? Specifically:

  • Does it go loud without sounding strained?
  • What’s the lower end like in terms of (a) slam/impact, and (b) solidity?

I may instead go the route of small analogue studio monitors and a couple of subs, but I’m considering all options.


Hi I have this sound bar for home theatre use. The surround sound effects are pretty realistic even in my far from ideal room where one side is open. The base is good and I have it set at 0 I.e. the sub is not being asked to do more than std. I need to up the rear speakers as they are a good 2m from the rear of my living room sofa viewing area.

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