Samsung S9 / S5E Tablet with External DAC cannot play music from external source

Can anyone confirm an email I received from Chord Electronics stating that Samsung devices can only play music through a DAC (mojo, dragonfly etc.) if the music is stored locally on the device and not through Roon / Tidal etc.

I’ve moved this to support. I presume you are talking about a phone or tablet, if so.
To me that sounds right,to be able to play files local to a device you would need to mount them so they are available on the network so the roon core can see them and I don’t think you can do that.

Android will not use any DAC properly as it does not work in exclusive mode , Android itself resamples all audio to Androids default for the device. This is often 48/24 or can be 96/24 depending on the inbuilt DAC of the device. Roon ignores external DACs on Android and again will decide to resample audio to the native of the device not DAC it lets the OS control the DAC. This said Roon on Android will play music your Roon server sees, it can’t play anything from the phone itself. I use it with all my USB DACs.

The only way to get bit perfect audio via a DAC on Android is to use USB Audio Pro or Neutron apps. USB Audio Pro can play local music , over UPnP or Tidal and Qobuz.

Thanks CrystalGipsy, your info much appreciated

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