Samsung SSD 870 QVO SATA III 2.5 inch 8 TB

Has anyone any experience of using the SSD 870 QVO SATA III 2.5 inch 8 TB in a NUC?

Is it the right size for the available space in a High Form NUC ?

I have just seen an amazing deal for this drive at about half price direct from Samsung South Africa. Its only marginally more expensive than the 4Tb version !!

I have been teetering on the brink of making a NUC but the massive prices of big SSD’s here put me off , this may just change my mind

This is certainly still too new to report any experience. I got weak here for backups…

for around 400 € I would also become weak here…

As a system drive this would certainly be even faster for Roon…

and whether the music is on second HDD or SSD makes no difference to me so far, are there other experiences

200 € for 12 TB or 1.300 € for the fastest 8 TB solution?
600 - 700 € for normal 8 TB Samsung?

USB attach d storage works just as well. The extra speed of an SSD is kind of wasted on storage in terms of playback.


In answer to your question, yes, the Samsung 8TB QVO SSD will fit in a NUC.

And while “the extra speed of an SSD is kind of wasted on storage in terms of playback”, if you want to maximise the amount of internal music storage that is possible in a NUC, it’s the only way to go. HDDs bigger than 2TB won’t fit.

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The reason to use a SSD for music storage is silence, not performance. Of course, this matters only if the storage is within audible range, but for some of us, it is.


noiseless at heavy metal would only work on an SSD, in image viewing without playback.

with classical music and jazz, the HDD directly at the ear would already be an impairment in places.

Thanks all

I was most concerned that it would fit in a NUC knowing the size limitations

Well a Nuc is not silent unless you also put it into a Fanless chassis so I would opt for that first over an ssd for music