Samsung Tab S4 Android having trouble connecting/staying connected to Win 10 Core

I disabled the firewall and am still getting the “Choose Your Core, Looking for remote libraries” message.

My Roon core is on a HP2000 laptop running Windows 10, 64bit. It is connected via USB to a Yggdrasil dac, then to a NAD M3 integrated amp. My music is stored on a 5 TB hard drive containing approximately 80,000 tracks. All of this is working fine. The problem I’ve just encountered is with my remote. It is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet running the Roon Remote program. When I turn it on it goes into a continuous "Searching for core device "message. I have ensured that the "accept remotes"box is checked on my device.
I’ve even Uninstalled then reinstalled the remote program on the tablet. The remote had been running great until it suddenly started this stuff. Can anyone in as non technical as possible help me out? Thanks in advance

I just wanted to let you know that once I downloaded the 259 build my Samsung Tab 4 remote has been working. Upon initial download I tried connecting with the remote and was successful, but after a few minutes the connection dropped. I simply restarted the remote and it connected. A few minutes later the same thing happened. This kept occurring for the first hour or two of the initial 259 download. On one occasion I even had to turn the Samsung Tablet completely off, then back on to get the remote to reconnect. This all happened a few days ago. Since then I have had zero problems , and it seems to be working as advertised now (fingers crossed). I want to thank the good people at Roon for their attention to this matter. I was nearly on the verge of springing for an iPad I didn’t really want. Thanks Roon Team!!!

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I just wanted to update you all. It’s been 8 days since my last post, and I’ve done maybe 5 listening sessions during that time. In each of those sessions I have lost connection to the remote (a Samsung Tab 4 tablet), but on every occasion I have done a Force Stop on the remote, then restarted and it has worked every time. A bit of an inconvenience for sure, but way better than no remote at all or springing for a iPad. As stated earlier, I got to this semi working situation after installation of download 259. I’d love to help more if I could, but my expertise with computers is nonexistent. Heck, I don’t even understand half the posts on this subject!

HI @David_Warren. I have moved your posts over to a new Support Thread as you are having issues with a Win 10 Core and that thread was discussing a Linux Roon Core.

Hi @David_Warren ---- Touching base with you, to see if you ever saw my PM I sent after your original post about the behavior you’re experiencing. Let me know and we can continue troubleshooting :microscope:

Many thanks!