SanDisk (or Western Digital) Industrial microSD cards

I wanted to pass along my experience with the SanDisk, now owned and branded Western Digital in some regions, Industrial microSD cards.

These things have been fantastic. A while back I picked-up a few of the 16GB cards and have been using them in various projects. When Ropieee NG was announced, I decided to try one of these cards and put it into my Allo USBridge Signature (a CM3 based endpoint). Been running NG since November 14th. Through all the various upgrades and updates that one would expect of a Beta I’ve had zero issues. I’ve had other microSD cards fail just by breathing on them but have had no stability hiccups at all with these cards. Additionally, the card has been very fast. The upgrades are quick, usually quicker than other beta testers report. I’m now recommending these cards for any project where you want to flash once and never touch the card again. Only downside is they are expensive compared to other cards on the market.

More info here:

and info on Ropieee NG if you’ve not seen it.

Enjoy your day and the music.


I’ve always found SanDisk cards to be extremely robust. As a photographer, I shot hundreds of thousands of images on SanDisk cards and never had a card fail on me.


Yes, they are great cards.