Scan stops with no reason given!

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, ryzen 5950x, 64gig RAM, latest Roon server release (up-to-date) running on a ssd drive.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

all wired. mounted cloud drive where music is located. Mount is stable and readable in windows.

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

a lot.

Description of Issue

So, I started to re-scan my entire library. It is mounted using rclone and decent vfs settings. My drive is perfectly reachable and can be accessed by windows.

the issue is the following:

Roon scanned a lot of files, with no issue. Then suddenly stopped analysing anything more!
I can see the following information in the logs :

So the process went fine (1. extracting 2. analysing 3.library import confirmation) for a while, then, at tha Grace Jones album extraction point, NOTHING happens anymore. the only “library” events I can see, are regular endmutation lines.

I had to restart my PC to get Roon to restart, as a simple restart was resulting in a loop like that :

And after a restart, Roon started re-scanning ALL my folders again. Now, it is stuck here :

For 24+ hours, it is stuck at 0 tracks imported, on the 42603 that were already previously detected.
why is this happening ? Why did Roon stop analysing my files ??? why is a restart not re-starting the analysis process ???

Please help. I’m out of ideas…

Look → Roon simply do not process the detected thracks, the analysis tool is not running at all !

Hi @Rasmus_asmusen

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve hit a snag in processing your library. I notice that you’ve omitted a couple key bits of information in your System Details listing.

Please provide complete details about your networking setup, especially in light of the fact that you’re using cloud storage for your library. Additionally, the size of your library is a critical data point here in solving your issue.

If your library is considerably large and it’s stored in the cloud we might have already narrowed down the cause. We’ll be watching for your response and get back to you as quickly as we can.

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Hey jamie,

My lib is considerably large (should be approx 50tb now) and i can provide you with full logs.

You state you might already know why this could be happening? Do you mind to share this information?


And my network setup is simple, it is a cloud stoazge mounted via rclone, using vfs full mode and I allow it 500gb of local cache. this to ensure the scan process keep getting access to the file for the duration of the analysis.

Files are all easily readable, while (obviously) access times are slower than when files are hosted locally.

The server on which this cloud drive is mounted also runs roonserver and is directly connected to the internet (wired connection, 1gbit link).

hi @jamie any chance to get an answer on that one ?

It freezed again, and now, here is what the logs keeps stating (again, and again, and again…) :

11/05 17:12:01 Trace: [identification] <16867887> Identifying album [Jean-François Paillard - Jean-François Paillard - The Complete Erato Orchestral & Concerto Recordings] with 2036 tracks

11/05 17:12:01 Debug: [metadata http post req]:

11/05 17:12:01 Debug: [identification] <16867887> identifier request id: 06958f86

11/05 17:12:01 Trace: [dbperf] flush 0 bytes, 0 ops in 243 ms (cumulative 345857673 bytes, 160085 ops in 89021 ms)

11/05 17:12:01 Info: [stats] 15163mb Virtual, 8619mb Physical, 3219mb Managed, 4776 Handles, 235 Threads

11/05 17:12:02 Debug: [identification] <16867887> status: NetworkFailure

11/05 17:12:02 Warn: [identification] requeueing album that failed due to network (identifyalbum)

Flushing the dns, restarting roon server, and the scan seem to restart, while I’m still getting some of these errors. :S