Scanning for files - too often?

Every time I load the software, even when I’ve not added anything. I set search t fast and I hear the annoying whirring of the drive. Surely this is unnecessary and going to cause premature wear on my discs?



It’s necessary on start up Roon as needs to check if the files are still as there where when it was shutdown ie no new files and no file deletions. Roon is only checking for the presence of files it is not re-analysing each file. On my system it takes just 60 seconds or so to complete.

The addition loading on the disk is trivial.

If the sound of the drive is annoying, then consider an SSD (if your lib is not too large, I appreciate large SSDs are expensive) or moving the library storage to another room.

Thanks for your thoughts. The problem is, mine goes on for like 10 minutes, despite having an i7 machine… Is there something wrong? I have a 4TB library


I would separate the storage on a NAS like Synology and leave the core programs like Roon, Kodi etc on the PC - or get a dedicated device/ Mac or PC with less noise, fans, solid state drives etc to run Roon Core. Your issue will likely continue and may impact on both Roon and audio quality. Other option is to get a dedicated PC like device to run Roon RoonReady Sonore Sonicorbiter SE.

Hi again,

I’m at home now and have just timing Roon’s startup sequence: I did it 3 times but there was no significant variation.

My System:

  • Roon core is running on a Lenovo “all in one” PC (i7, 6GB RAM and a hybrid SSD/HDD)
  • Music Library is on a QNAP TS-870 Pro
  • All hardwire on 1GB LAN
  • Circa 256K tracks (taking up 6.5GB of storage)

Roon Startup Timing:

  • From clicking the Roon icon to GUI display being available took 60 second.
  • Then it starts scanning tracks, clicking the spinning circle show it rapidly counting up, this completes in 55 seconds.
  • Total startup including scanning under 2 minutes.

10 minutes is a very long time for 4TB of music, how many tracks is this (so we can compare apples to apples)?

  • What Operating System does the PC run?
  • How much RAM is in your PC?
  • Does it have a HDD or SSD?
  • How is the 4TB of storage connected (internal drive, external USB2, USB3, NAS, …)?

Also if there’s any WiFi involved between Roon Core and storage try to eliminate it and go hardwired 1GB LAN.