Schiit Bifrost question

I just notice that when playing anything over 44.1kHz from my Bifrost Multibit Gen 1, I get a high pitch noise… Anything 44.1kHz or less is fine.
I tested the Integrated DAC on my Jotunheim and I do not get this high pitch noise from the same music file.

Does this mean that the Bifrost does not play anything above 44.1kHz?

Well, Something is not right… I just found that it does support up to 192kHz, Is been a while since I used it so I am a bit lost… nonetheless shocked… I wonder whats going on… Same source and the Jotunheim can play with no high pitch noise and the Bifrost with a high pitch noise…

What gives…
Same file too.

Fixed my own issue. Damn USB output. Time for optical.

I’ve not owned one of those in quite a while, but I recall having a similar problem once that was cured by just powering it down for a few minutes and then powering it back up. If that does not work, I suggest you contact Schiit.

That was exactly the fix… UGH!!!
I remember I had issues like this in the past. I haven’t used this dac in so long.

Thanks @Fernando_Pereira

My Bifrost is a first generation 4399 and original USB. No issues above 44.1


Thanks for your post.
It seems like a specific issue to my setup… Maybe my USB port… @Fernando_Pereiraseem seems that he experience the same issue at some point.

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Gen 1 USB was quite touchy regarding plugging in/out and powering up/down the USB source, and could get into that weird state. I ended up turning off the DAC before doing any rewiring/repowering of the USB source, and powering the DAC back up afterwards. Eventually I got the Bifrost upgraded to Gen 5 USB, problem went away. If you want to continue to use that DAC, I’d suggest you upgrade it to the latest Unison USB, which is excellent. You can do it yourself without sending the DAC in to Schiit if you feel comfortable with electronic (dis)assembly.

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Yup that’s exact it. I’ll go an order the new USB source. Thanks again.

If you go into DSP upsampling, I don’t see a 4x for 44.1kHz available (176.4kHz). You have to go 2x (88.2kHz) or 192kHz.

Not sure if 4490 chip would have the 4x 44.1 available. Mine does not.

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Just order my Unison USB upgrade.
Excited to do an upgrade, This DAC is from 2016! lol


And like everything Schiit… The Unison upgrade did not disappoint… Thanks for this recommendation!

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Did you do the install? Don’t they cut $50 off the price if you replace the card? I have a Gen 1 Bifrost 4399 for my office setup. I was considering the Unison upgrade or even going to a Bifrost2.

Simple install?

Yes, I did the install.
Yes, They cut off 50 dollars of the price. I pay 150.
Like you, I was was considering ether an upgrade to a Bifrost 2 or getting the Unison USB upgrade… I already have Multibit in my Gen 1… I am glad I went the Unison route. Well worth it and I can clearly see a difference.
Yes, Simple install.