Schiit Eitr with Yggdrasil

Now that Roon release 1.3 build 247 is out and Schiit’s Get 5 USB input is now working with Roon, I can now tell a significant sound improvement between a direct USB connection to the Schiit Yggdrasil DAC from my Mac Mini and using the new Schiit Eitr. The Schiit Eitr is a USB to Coax SPIDF converter. When using the Eitr instead of the direct connect the the Mac Mini, the music opens up and has a much clearer sound at least to my ears. I highly recommend using the Eitr if your DAC has a Coax SPDIF input.

Jim Murphy

Here the recent Roon update had no positive effect on the Eitr.
It shows the same behaviour as before the update.
My unit gets exchanged and I take it from there.

Hi Miklats.

Have you gotten your replacement Eitr? Does it solve your issues?

Jim Murphy

Hi James
The Eitr is on its way. Will be with me soon.
I also sent them the Yggy for an upgrade.


I just got my replacement Eitr and hooked it up to my microRendu and my Yggdrasil. Yippie! I can now play any sample rates through my microRendu and it sounds great!

Jim Murphy