Schiit Gungnir playing only to 16/48

My pre multibit Gumby suddenly only goes to 16/48 whereas it always went to 24/192 or 24/176.4. This occurred after my late 2012 MacMini crashed and I had to reboot using the control and ‘r’ keys.
At first the Gumby was no longer recognized at all then Schiit recommended adding a power hub which I did a 3.0 USB power hub(which I never use) and then the Gumby was recognized but no matter what i listen to/stream-ROON w/TIDAL,TIDAL desktop app, Qobuz desktop app, Audirvana +3(either TIDAL or Qobuz) all the Gumby does is 16/48 now the higher rates are grayed out and in Audio MIDI only 2 choices are offered 44 or 48.
Yet when I use my ME2 DAC it plays all the way to 24/192 and my AQDF-RED plays to 24/96.
Any idea why this has happened and anyway to fix it short of buying a new multibit Gungnir?
AND… I don’t really hear any drop off in SQ when using the Gumby is that possible?
thanks bobbmd

Can you attach your Gumby to a different Roon endpoint (without the hub) to see if it makes a difference?

For what it’s worth, I’ve had trouble with Schiit DACs and macOS. In my case, my Mini complained that the device wasn’t getting enough power through the USB port even though I was powering through the wall wart. I connected to an RPi, instead. Problem solved.

@xxx Never had that problem ever with any of my Schiit products( with the exception of trying to use a FULLA on my iPhone/iPad without the camera kit and even then it didn’t work)-What I described only happened after the Mac Mini crashed- but thanks for the thought will look into this RPi you mentioned

@Rugby without the hub the Gumby is not recognized by anything Audio MIDI or ‘sounds’ in Preferences nor by any player/server TIDAL ROON A+3 Qobuz

Apologies for this pedantic note but: the MB in the Gumby moniker stands for multibit. There is no pre-multibit Gumby, only delta-sigma Gugnirs and multibit Gumbys. It’s clear from your post exactly what you have but I thought it was worth mentioning. Taken out of context it could possibly lead to confusion.

@lorin no apologies needed but I was perfectly clear- no one should be confused by how I stated what kind Gungnir(not a ‘Gugnir’) I had- the only kind of Gungnirs/Gummys/Gumbys etc there were before multi-bits and yes they were delta sigmas and they were ‘pre-multi-bit’ in my thinking

Fair enough! As I said, obvious from what you said what you have . But Bifrost Multibit (BiMBy ), Gungnir (GuMByy), and Modi (MiMBy) is the origin of these silly names.