Schubert: Lieder Box set

I cant find this boxset on roon metadata

I tried to tag many different ways however I was unsuccessful

I also can also find nearly no titles from ESOTERIC and FONE AUDIO

You are not alone my friend. Many of us have many items that are not recognised in Roon. Some of us are waiting with bated breath for Roon to introduce better box set handling, It has been discussed on other threads.

Yep. I have classical boxsets that are not recognized or appear as a boxset with incredibly poor metadata, while the individual discs may have full metadata. My greatest (really, only major) disappointment with Roon. Hang in there.

I do think it is time I create a comprehensive list of boxsets and lesser-known classical labels that aren’t identified by Roon so they can seek them out.

maybe users should export unidentified albums and a collective unidetified album list posted by us may help roon to better solve metadata issues @support

If you’re still having problems with classical box sets: have you tried this?

and it’s working now?