Screen Flickering while Roon Application is active

When the Roon application window is active, the entire screen flickers. It is tiring for the eyes, especially since it is my workstation. The problem ceases when I click in empty space on the desktop, or activate the window of another application.
Setup is based on two LG 38 inch monitors and nVidia 2080ti GPU (driver 512.95).
Both the system and drivers are up-to-date.
I checked various compatibility options and -nodeepcolor, as well as dark and light application profile. The problem occurs in both the window and full screen.

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And you are on the latest Nvidia drivers? Is HDR support ON or OFF in Windows. If ON, try turning it off and see if that makes a difference.

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Thanks for help Rugby. The nVidia driver was the cause of the problem. Pushed with newest update for 2080ti (516.59). Also there was Roon update right after this. The screen flickering does not appear anymore, thank you for your help - the topic can be closed.


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