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Just come to use roon and all apps ask me to login.
Then I get a not online message…

I’ve also had multiple security alert emails saying sign in from new device? None of the devices are new.

Will I be without roon for xmas - especially when I just treated myself to new speakers for xmas and was looking forward to time off to enjoy.

Had many many problems since 1.8 just seems one after another…


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What remote os are you running? Try turning off any firewalls especially;windows systems if you are troubleshooting.
restart everything including the router and modem too

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The error says it can’t find an internet connection. It’s the Core that has this problem.

The first question I would ask is: What’s going on with your network connection on the machine your Roon Core is running on?

I just checked your Core, and it is online and grabbing metadata from us, so whatever this was, is probably gone. Are you still having trouble connecting?


The device that said it didn’t have a connection on was the same device I posted on the forum and had internet connection perfectly via the same network/router/switch as the NUC. I could also connect to ROCK via the IP adress at the time perfectly.

The roon apps were on MacOS and Android

However, I think this was a false positive as they then both started showing there is a problem with your database shortly after. This has been the ongoing problem with 1.8 having to delete and rebuild database periodically. Once a day it seems and can’t pinpoint a cause TBH nothing seems to be consistent or a pattern to the database issuing occuring.

I then reinstalled core os and new database & setting (via web interface). Re-done all thesettings, setup audio devices and qobuz account etc. (for the third time since 1.8 update ) and was working yesterday evening.

Following morning - I have know just run the Android app and I had to reselect the Core again but it loaded. This has also been a consistent issue (as well as the ‘problem with d/b’ error) since 1.8 as well; having to reselect the core before apps will load.

However now on the Mac it says it cannot find the core

I am posting this on the device as I try to connect and I can see the web interface for ROCK via the IP address fine.

TBH i am starting to suspect that these problems are related and maybe caused by a related bug on initial connectivity/detection between app and core and that the database errors are alse a false positive?

This just looks like connection issues. Describe the whole setup including network

Even the database problems?

It’ll take me quite a while to write down the ‘whole setup’ what elements do/don’t you need?

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Hey @Richard_Carter,

Thanks a lot for reaching out when you’ve ran into issues. We’re also grateful for your patience while we had a chance to get back to you :nerd_face:

I was wondering if you could at least let us know how is the ROCK connected? Is it connected directly to the router, or through a switch, power line or range extender?

If the issue is still ocurring, would you please restart it, reproduce the issue and:

Thanks a lot :pray:


The issue has resolved it self. Not sure what changed apart from a number of resintalls and new d/b, network setup hasnt changed.

It was connected via a switch to the router.


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