Screen navigation lost after minimzing and then restoring Roon Player screen

I am a new user running Roon 1.3 (build 262) on a 64bit windows 10 PC and playing music off of my hard drive. Whenever I minimize the Roon player screen window (or go to the full screen toggle), I lose all navigation and controls on the screen when I go to restore the player screen back - I get a blank window screen / box instead. Music keeps playing on (and after) minimization but to see the player screen controls I have to quit Roon and start it up again.

Also, I have been playing my library on “play all tracks shuffle”. Shuffle seems to be frequently bringing up the same tracks (of my 11,000+).


Need to have the @support in the post… :slight_smile:

What hardware are you using, there was some issues reported with intel 4000 series drivers I think

Yep, this is an issue between the Intel graphics driver and the OpenGL software used by Roon. You may find that you don’t need to quit Roon, but resizing the Roon window may restore the graphics (that’s how I deal with it). Another workaround is to install the 32bit version of Roon onto your Windows PC. For some reason, that does not have this graphics issue.

It is also worth checking for and installing the latest graphics drivers.

Thanks, got it!

Thanks. I gather from another reply that came in that there is an issue with Intel graphics drivers. My processor is an Intel i7.

Thanks for the reply and the resizing suggestion. That is not working for me so as opposed to going the 32bit route I am just going to work on the habit of hiding the Roon navigation screen instead of minimizing it.

Thanks for the reply. Have checked for, but seems I have the latest drivers.