Scroll position albums

It appears that this bug is back. At least for me, my album scroll postion always defaults back to page 1.

Exactly as described in this thread Artist details should preserve scroll positions of albums

What devices are you running Roon on? That information would help the support team.
As an additional datapoint, I’m not seeing this issue running Roon Remote on Windows 10 with Roon Core running on a ROCK NUC.

Sorry, totally forgot.

Running roon on a Win 10 PC with an i7, 8GB RAM and M.2 ssd.

Using the roon server install.

As remote I am using an ipad.

In case more technical info is needed I can dig around.

Hello @allineedis,

Thank you for your report. We’re aware of this long-standing issue, and we are hoping to address this in the future when we redesign the artist screen. I cannot provide a timeline of when the re-design will happen but your request for this feature has been noted.


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