Scroll position doesn’t persist: Composition/All Recordings List on iPad

Core Machine

Windows 10 PC.

Network Devices

Hardwired everywhere except the iPad.

Library Size

Circa 17,000 albums.

Description of Issue
My library a PITA to navigate with the iPad with the latest changes, but there is another gripe I must air.

One great feature of Roon is the ability to compare different interpretations of the same composition by different artists. But this is frustrated using the iPad if one wants to go from one album back to another of the same work - the iPad reverts to the start of all albums,not the page displaying those similar albums.

This does not happen with the notebook so it it an APPLE bug or one in the Roon programmimg for the iPad?

If it can be fixed I would greatly appreciate it being done.

John, I’ve edited your post’s title to make the issue clearer, and to group it with similar scroll issues that are being tracked, as per this post: