Scroll position doesn't persist: NRFY [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Steps to reproduce

  1. Scroll down to NRFY on the home page
  2. Click “More”
  3. Scroll past the first page of albums or singles
  4. Click on an album to open it
  5. Navigate back

Result: Scroll position does not persist


In addition, Roon doesn’t respect the genre selection on the NRFY screen.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Scroll to NRFY on the home page
  2. Click ‘More’
  3. Select any genre to see only the genre-specific new releases
  4. Select and open an album.
  5. Navigate back and you’re again on the ‘All’ screen.

Yes, this is still an issue. You can drill down quite a ways - an album of interest, an artist bio, another album - then navigate back and it will go back a page at a time UNTIL the next page back is the specific Genre you started at - it doesn’t go there, it goes back to ALL page.
A definite annoyance that wasn’t present in 1.7.
For me using NRFY is the primary way to discover new stuff.


After I choose a genre in New Releases for You and look at an album, when I go back, it shows All genres and don’t save my place. Please fix.

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Yesterday NRFY was showing last release as May 21st. Now the whole section has disappeared.

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Hi. What is your core running on? Mine is on a MacMini i7 and today the NRFY is missing again. But this only happens on the Mac desktop, both my iPhone and iPad remotes have the section visible. Assuming you are on Mac as well, are you getting this same situation?

HI Mark. If this was directed at me, then no. I am running ROCK on a NUC. Now section has popped up again with one release dated June 4th and the others May 28th.

Remotes are on macOS and iOS.

have you noticed if when the NRFY is missing on your NUC that it still appears on the remotes? That seems to be the situation with me.

Good question :slight_smile: I had not checked iPhone but next time it disappears from my Macbook remote I need to remember and check.

@support It’s been a couple of months and we have not had an update. Please update us on where you are with fixing this behaviour also present in recent activity and bookmarks.


Barring any unforeseen circumstances, a fix for this is included in our next release. :tada:


Cheers Kevin. Dare I ask when this release is to be expected? :slight_smile:

Haha, it was worth a try! You know the drill when it comes to committing to release dates publicly. :zipper_mouth_face:

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JFYI, fixes are often made but not released immediately, as releases are extremely expensive (operationally).

We rarely talk about releases or fixes that will be in future releases because it brings out the onslaught of comments about how long things take and requests for when the features will be released… and that’s not to say anything about if the fix has to be retracted for any reason.

The community has trained us that no good deed goes unpunished.

It is not necessary to hold a fix back for 6 months.

Are you purposely trying to be inflammatory to get a rise out of me?

Here’s the timeline for this issue:

  1. this topic opened April 30.
  2. bug fixed a couple of weeks later, along with a few other cases (once they were identified)
  3. More cases arose, this didn’t make it into the May 30 release.
  4. no releases since then

Well then, I am happy, a fix is coming. (Not meant inflammatory).
Forgot: That bug is with us since 1.8 has seen the light of the day.

Even worse! Many of these sub-scrollers didn’t persist since 1.0! Many don’t exist anymore, and new ones were made. We probably missed a few even in the next release. There are a lot

@danny Appreciate your comments on this matter.

The fix implemented in the upcoming release will be for the scrolling memory issue in NRFY, recent activity and bookmarks?

All these were initially reported in one single thread which was ultimately split.Therefore this one only dates back to April.

As you said:
Don’t hold your breath.