Scrolling in Roon Remote for Desktop (macOS) seems to be broken


Using mouse wheel it is impossible for me to scroll one page at time…
I’ve tried two different mouses and one simple “step” on the wheel scrolls 4 pages at once.

Is there a way to fix this?

Other apps work great withe the same settings of my mouse.


Hi @Paolo_Limoncelli ---- Thank you for the report, the feedback is appreciated!

I just ran quick test with a very basic USB mouse and had no issues scrolling one page at a time via the “wheel”. I checked the “artist”, “album”, and “composers” browsers, and in all case I was able to navigate without issue. The test was performed on a MacBook Air running “High Sierra”. Are there any other detail you can provide me when you notice this behavior? What type of mouse are you using?


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macOS Sierra, Logitech Performance MX and Apple Mouse

Hi @Paolo_Limoncelli ----- Thank you for the follow up and verifying that information for me.

Continuing forward, I do not have access to the mentioned Logitech mouse, but, I did have a chance to test with the mentioned Apple mouse on an iMac this morning. I navigated to the “album” browser and using the Apple mouse I was able to move on page at a time via the “side scroll” function on the mouse. All pages appeared one at a time as expected and did not experience any page skipping.