Search and review of albums and return to starting point

New to Roon, so I don’t know if there’s a setting that will allow this.

When searching for albums (especially classical albums for which there may be many different recordings), I often want to look at the specifics of a several recordings before choosing one to play. The problem is that when I view the specifics of an album and then return to my search, it does not return me to where I was in the list, but rather puts me back to the start of the list, so I then have to toggle all the way back through the list to return to the point where I was in reviewing the album choices. For some works with many different recordings, that can be a rather tedious process.

Is there a setting or other way to return to the point of the search where I left to look at a specific album?


That’s a good catch, I have the same experience and would love to see it being ‘fixed’.