Search by record label?

Does search by record label only work for albums in my library?

I have a local library as well as a subscription to Qobuz. If I search by record label, it seems to only show results in my library (local and Qobuz albums I’ve added to my library). The same happens if I click on the record label link under credits.


Regrettably that is so… it only works on data included in your library…

That is regrettable. :frowning:

Sometimes you come across a label that does a great job in recordings and it would be nice to discover their other recordings in Roon just like you can with just about any other link under the album credits.


I wish they bring this feature in 1.8 where we can search by record label and find albums which are outside our library.


I would love this feature on future updates…pretty please with sugar on top :slight_smile:

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I understand that finding albums in Roon outside your library is a feature some/a lot of Roon users would like.

However, trying to be helpfull on this forum, I see more and more people struggling with discovering and testing Roon, as it is already a complex application with a lot of functionalities in different areas - content, distribution, DSP, metadata, …

Is it really that important that one can do everything from Roon, making it a real All-in-one music management system?

About a week ago there was another topic about looking for albums of a specific label on Qobuz (as the topic starter is requesting)
You can do this on either the Qobuz app or the Qobuz website without any problem. Albums you would like to be added to your library just be hearting them in Qobuz.
(Or you can listen to them in Roon directly if you do a search for the album you discovered in Qobuz).

Personally, I am going back and forward between Roon and Qobuz, because sometimes Qobuz offers more simple or extended functionalities.
If Roon would have to implement all of these functionalities, and do the same for Tidal, where would it stop?


Searching by label is hit or miss at best on the Qobuz app.

If Roon has to depend on metadata providers for searching for labels, it will not find even 20% of what Qobuz does.

Thats irrelevant if a user maintains his/her Label tags.

Sorry but you have lost me here.
If you refer to label searching in your own ripped/downloaded albums , than they are in your library and Roon will find that just fine.
I thought this topic was about searching for ‘label’ albums outside one’s library

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Disagree with you there.
We should just sit here and enjoy 1.7 then. Why need any future updates at all, eh?


Simply because for the many varying use cases there are gaping holes in Roon’s functionaliy

I will mention just one , Box Set management. I have a 200 CD set of Mozart I just can’t navigate I maintain a second system for listening my big (> 10 CD) box sets.

Just my opinion :sunglasses:

Sorry, misinterpreted.

I’ve always found Qobuz particularly good at finding content when searching by the label. I do wish wish Roon had this capability other than finding only what’s in my library under said label


Like I mentioned earlier, using the Search feature in the Qobuz app to search labels is pretty hit or miss. However, I just discovered somewhat of a work around to get Qobuz to display all albums from a particular label.

In the Qobuz app, select any album by the label you are looking for.
On the album page, select the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
Select “Album Credits”.
Then click on the label name. Qobuz will then list the albums available under that label.

This isn’t as convenient as using the Search function, but the results are much better.

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Wish that were possible on Tidal, too…

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So does anyone know if this is going to be a feature in roon 1.8?

In certain focus scenarios it can be done but not globally across everything. This has been confirmed by Roon in the main 1.8 thread.

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I must be missing something as it doesn’t seem to be something that should be challenging. Releases state the label in the credits, so why isn’t it a main feature?

Again I must be missing something


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No idea, it’s very annoying. Same goes for genre.