Search cannot find 3 disc set I just added

Roon Core Machine

Salkstream III (core and music files, Intel i5, 8gig RAM, ) running Linux Arch, latest Roon build 1169 (production)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus RT-AX68U router > Netgear GS105NA unmanaged switch > Salkstream III, all connected via cat6 ethernet cables. No VPN.

Connected Audio Devices

Anthem AVM20 pre/pro via optical
Oppo 103 via HDMI
iPad 7th gen via Wifi
iPhone 12Pro via Wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

23200 tracks

Description of Issue

Search does not find a 3 disc set I added to my library today.

The 3 disc set I added, Fiddler on the Roof, shows up fine on the Home screen under Recent Activity/Added

When using Search, the only library version of Fiddler on the Roof that it finds is a single disc version I added a long time ago

If I choose the single disc version, then click the Version tab, it only shows the single disc version and available Qobuz versions. The 3 disc version I added today is not listed. (Edit: I was able to select both albums and use Album Editor to group alternate versions so that both versions can be seen in the Version tab of each album)

If I go to Albums and use the Filter box, both the 3 disc and single disc versions in my library show up as they should.

I recently saw another thread where someone seemed to have this issue with large box sets. Could this be the same issue?

Btw, the 3 disc set does show as identified.

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More info……

I found if I type “fiddler 50th” in the Search box, the 3 disc version will come up (actually, it’s the only result that comes up). If I type “fiddler on the roof”, or “fiddler on the roof 50th” or “fiddler”, it does not come up.

Maybe it’s just Search being it’s “normal” flaky self (unfortunately, not that unusual)?

Have you tried searching on “Jerry Bock”, the composer/primary artist?

In my post you refer to what I would expect to see is that roon returns “no results found”. But I am not surprised if searching on the album title is also failing in different ways depending on differences in libraries.

I can still generally find things in the composition browser and the artist discographies because I assume that logic has not been migrated to the cloud yet. But as far as actual search is concerned, in my use case, with my library, search is really deeply broken.

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If I search Jerry Bock, his name comes up. When I click on his name both albums show up. :+1:

I’m now thinking this is just Search being wonky.

I agree Search doesn’t work very well, or not at all, too many times. Results are sometimes just strange/baffling/frustrating.

Based on comments from Roon in the updated Search discussion thread, it seems they think the search result I’m getting in my first post is reasonable. Apparently, I can’t reasonably expect Roon to at least find all the matches in my own local library, especially if it’s not a popular search term.

So frustrating! :confounded:

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Have you tried going to this screen and manually gouping the albums?

Highlight both albums → three dots → edit → group alternate versions.

Then you can select which one you want to be primary, but using this method both albums will not show in many screens, just the primary version. This is what I normally do.

But if you don’t want to group them, the reason why both albums do not show in search when you use the search string “fiddler on the roof” is that the album title for the 50th anniversary edition is just too different for search to match. If you edit both titles exactly the same, then both albums will show up. You can then experiment how different the titles can be so you can differentiate and still show both in a search.

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Yes, I manually grouped them and selected the 50th Anniv Ed as the Primary, so at least in the Album View for each I can find the other in the Version tab. Grouping them doesn’t change the search results, however.

Even if I search “Fiddler on the roof 50th”, that version still isn’t found, just the regular version. If I just search “fiddler 50”, the 50th Anniv Ed does come up.

It’s just odd to me that Focus/Filter easily finds both while Search cannot. It’s as if Search doesn’t distinguish between local files and what is available on one’s streaming service (Qobuz in my case). I would expect Search to prioritize local file copies first, but it seems not to be the case.

That’s as good as it’s going to be I think unless you rename the “5oth Anniversary” album the same as the original, i.e. “Fiddler on the Roof”.

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I believe you are correct. :frowning:

I think what made this particular case worse is that even though Roon identifies both albums, it didn’t recognize them as Versions of each other. Like I mentioned, by manually grouping them, at least I can see both in the Version tab for each.

I just tried something as an experiment.

On the 50th Anniv Ed, if I use Album Editor to change Title preference to Roon instead of File, it changes the title to “Fiddler on the Roof”, just like the other version. However, even after doing this, Search still cannot find the 50th Anniv Ed using the search string “Fiddler on the Roof”. To be sure being grouped as versions wasn’t a factor, I ungrouped them, but got the same result.

Have you got “show hidden hidden tracks and albums” in settings set to “yes”?

Reading all this, I’m beginning to wonder if search even considers the local library. What if they just search streaming or AllMusic or something, then just flag any local albums that happen to match the search results?

Yes. :+1:


They don’t. I’ve just tested this with a couple of albums that aren’t available on Qobuz (I don’t have Tidal) and both show up in search.

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Well, not quite conclusive if Qobuz isn’t the only site search is used with. Does AllMusic have those albums?

It must look at the local library at some level. I have some albums on CDR I made (like a “mix tape”, so don’t exist outside my library) that I ripped to my local library and I’m able to find them via Search.

Nope. Here’s an example:


Thanks for reporting this.

I’ve sent you a DM, I’ll need a few more details.

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Hey, that’s my Star Trek II album in your library! :blush:

And when I search for “fiddler on the roof” the La-La Land album doesn’t come up for me in the search results either.

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My little La-La Land Records collection. :blush:

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