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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK Version 1.7 (build 555) stable
nuc8i5bek2, 16GB RAM

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Linksys switch, Unifi AC pro

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Raspberry pi bridge

Description Of Issue

I tried looking for previous threads on this one, but as my issue is very generic (search) I obviously get multiple results so finally decided to post.
This issue appears on any of my Roon remotes (I use mainly the IOS app). When searching for an artist/an album/a song etc., the search box does do a bit of autocompletion but only once. After that the only way to get results is by typing the full search string. I am used to much more powerful autocompletion features that you get in Qobuz (or other streaming services for that maetter). Sometimes I don’t know exactly how to spell what I am searching for and autocompletion is an important point.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can change to make the search function to be “smarter”?

I can give an example (just replicated a bit on my Mac while posting). Let say I want to search for Tracy Chapman. I do not have any of her recordings in my own library so this should be a “pure” qobuz search. The search box attempts to auto complete as I type “Tracy”. Once I complete the word Tracy, I only get “Tracy Fann” as answer. I continue typing “Cha” and no auto completion. I need to complete “Tracy Chapman” spelling correctly otherwise no correct answer. If you do the same on the Qobuz Mac client - multiple Tracy show directly. Qobuz is much faster in pulling answers.

Roon indexes all the music in your library. That is a good part of the large database it maintains on your system.
In the search function, Roon will attempt to automatically make matches against what is in your library (what is indexed) as you type. So if you are searching for Janine Jansen (not in your library), you may get an automatch for Janis Joplin (in your library) when you get to “Jani”, but Roon will lose that match as you get to Janine.
I don’t know how Qobuz works, but it may have an index of everything it has and can do this match straight away. But Roon does not make an indexed database of everything in Qobuz/Tidal.

That does not explain it fully. If I go back to my original example, “Tracy Fann” does not come from my library. Roon is delivering some results from outside my library. In any case, I was assuming that Roon is capable of searching in the Qobuz database, otherwise how come it can deliver Qobuz results when I search?

I think she’ll be in there somewhere, though not necessarily as a main artist. For instance, according to Allmusic she sang backing vocals for Stevie Wonder.

If you let the search run, what does Roon show for results in your library?

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Hello @Ariel_Levin, thanks for your question here. Were you able to get any results with a partial search? For example, if I search “Tracy Cha” here’s what I get:

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Hello nuwri, apologies was not in the forum the past days. what you’re showing above is searching in the Qobuz app. I am talking about searching in the Roon remote app.

EDIT: Just noticed the second screenshot. But it does prove what I say, when searching inside the Qobuz App (Eg. “Tracy Cha”), you get good results while in Roon you do not. So at least I know that my roon performs “as expected” (which in my humble opinion is not good)

As Scott says, the autocomplete function in Roon’s Search field is driven by the contents of your own Library, not by the contents of Qobuz/Tidal. So if you don’t have an instance of what you are searching for already present in your library, you won’t get autocompletion returning the result you are looking for. Since I have a couple of Tracy Chapman albums in my library, the autocompletion function kicks in pretty quickly for me:

The Search function itself does search through your Library and the entire content of the streaming services that you have integrated into Roon.

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