Search Enhancements[Solved]

I would like to see a change to searching using the magnifying glass: allow search on different types of tags at the same time. For instance if I search on “Mozart Mutter”, I get no results, but if I search on “Mutter”, I get all of her work including the Mozart Concerti. Likewise for Mozart.

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The iPad app should also select the previous search to allow it to be easily overwritten. This is done in the computer GUI.

new search coming out in the next build, it should be significantly better for your searches and your usability

Have you set the release date yet?

no, but we are hoping to release before year end

Hello @pwright92, new build with search enhancements is out.

Loving the new search, can’t wait to see it on the ipad.
I’ve noticed one slight issue with the search on the Roon remote that I use with a dell touchscreen though.

Whenever I click the search button/magnifying glass, the search box pops up and a touch keyboard enters the screen from the left hand side. This keyboard positions itself directly beneath the search box which interferes with the new feature where the search gives you recommendations based on what you have typed so far.
It is easy enough to move the keyboard down out of the way of the search popup recommended artist box, however next time you click search they keyboard goes back to the spot blocking the lower search portion.
It would be nice if it remembered where the keyboard was moved to last and default back to that position for next search.

My touchscreen is a dell, so for all I know it may not have anything to do with Roon and it’s the dell touchscreen keyboard software doing this, or maybe even windows. If the keyboard belongs to Roon it would be nice to see my above suggestion implemented.

The on-screen keyboard on Windows is managed by Windows. Maybe you can force its position to the bottom or something?

Hate to bring this up again @danny but now i’m have the exact opposite problem, no keyboard at all.

The computer that I was having the above mentioned search issue with was an old win7 computer that I just replaced. The new computer is running windows 8.1 and because of that needed new drivers for the touchscreen. The touchscreen and keyboard now function totally different, though I imagine this is a result of how win8.1 integrates a touch keyboard.

In windows itself, if I click on a search box the keyboard automatically pops up. However, in Roon nothing happens. If I click on the search box in Roon, I need to exit out of full screen mode so that I can access the keyboard icon in the taskbar and click it to pop up the keyboard.

Is there a way that Roon can be set so when I click the search box in Roon it tells windows to popup the keyboard?

Just ignore my above post, found that it’s already an option in the settings. I feel pretty stupid.