Search for downloaded music in ARC

Hello everybody. Is there really no possibility to search for albums or titles in the files, you locally downloaded to the ARC app?

Since Roon has thankfully provided us with the feature to determine the download quality of imported music to ARC, I wanted to completely replace the Apple Music app on my mobile phone, downloaded all the important music I want to have on my phone to the ARC app. But now all I can do is to sort the downloaded albums by download date, file size or download format, which makes it a real hassle to quickly find particular records. Am I overlooking something or is this really not possible?

Hey everyone… is the question so stupid that nobody wants to answer? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: really not making fun of anyone. The request is serious.

There’s no way currently. You can vote for one of the existing feature suggestions:

Thank you for the reply. I really love Roon and I love the idea of ARC. But sometimes the guys developing the software are not really easy to understand. I mean, just how can anybody have the idea of providing us with a download feature, yet in a way that makes said feature actually worthless as soon as you download more than ten records!?

I am really astounded :scream: It’s no fun to swipe for half half an hour to find a record. Such basic stuff.

I was really hoping that I was just too stupid to operate ARC.

Wait a minute, I just realized that if ARC is in offline mode you can use the search icon from the bottom bar and it seems to search only the downloaded albums

Edit: Scratch that, it only worked for a few seconds after engaging offline mode

Thanks for the update. That would have been an acceptable workaround for the time being but still you wouldn’t want to activate off-line mode each and every time when you want to browse your downloaded records…

It’s really beyond me how software developer provide you with such an advanced piece of audio software without thinking of the most basic stuff.

I mean, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but what’s the benefit from downloading records locally to your phone if you can’t possibly find them without scrolling for half an hour.

What seems to work both in offline and online mode is to go to Library > Albums and limit to downloads-only:

Thanks for the help. But I still hope they will change it and add the feature. I mean, this is quite a few clicks for a every day use case.

But isn’t this what you want? A way to search only for albums you downloaded?

Yes, and I really thank you for the tip. I just wished it would be more effortless. Inside the “downloaded files” view and without having to limit to downloaded files every time. and undo the limitation again, when I’m browsing online

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Thank you so much for pointing this out!

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