Search function not working anymore

Roon Core Machine

Linux based, no other details known, successfully running too for several years

Networking Gear & Setup Details

No clue, but running smoothly

Connected Audio Devices

Aries g1 via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 15000

Description of Issue

The last time I used Roon was a week, 10 days ago. I use IPad Air to control Roon. When I tried today, the search function does not work anymore, after a few seconds the screen blanks out and I come back in the Roon screen I started with. Other functions in Roon operate as usual.
Reinstalling the Roon app does not fix it, nor restart of the core.

Correction: after a few second in search function, the Roon app stops and I return to start screen of the IPad

Try uninstalling th Roon Remote app on the ipad then reinstall may be corrupt

Worth a try

Hi Mike, thanks for the swift response. I already tried reinstalling the app, but that did not make any change. Also installed on another IPad, same result

Hi people from Roon, still waiting for a solution for my failing search function which is for this type of software one of the most essential functions if I may say so. My core is on build 913, my iPad on 918

Hi people from Ron, my iPad is now on build 923 and the search function is operational again. Thanks,

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