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Searching for the 2016 Baaba Maal (autocorrect really hates his name :frowning: ) album “the traveller” gives me for albums, none of them the one I wanted.

I go to artists and then to Baaba Maal and I find the album there looking at me. So the search is not finding this

It’s on Qobuz (my only streaming service) and yes I can find other albums on Qobuz with the search.

The album is not in my library

I now wonder how many other albums I’ve searched for and not found are actually there

Hi @Dominic
I ran the same search specifying album title and artist with no problems:

As well

Now try what I said I did - search for just the album title

Interesting. I’m sure this is not the case for you, but it’s not on Qobuz or Tidal for me. I wanted to hear it, but in the US must not be licensed!

Interesting, if there are territorial differences are we all being treated to a US search?

Hey @Dominic
You’re right.
But because I know that, I’ve seen it more often :frowning: I always search in the way shown in the screenshot above.

At least that way I can be sure that I’m getting a reasonable result. :slight_smile:

I think the issue is that Qobuz includes “Special Edition” in the album title.

A simple Nope:

I’m not looking at a special addition.

and the ones it did find, just to show you that adding a few words doesn’t usually get in the way of it identifying lots of things:

its simply not working very well, at least on this search at this time
But thanks for jumping in to try and explain away my problems

Must be a regional variation…


You’re trying very hard to explain this away rather than get it to the ears of those who could make a search for string”x” identify all occurrences of string”x”. The general understanding of what search dies within a database

The suggestions (direct and indirect) that I just didn’t understand how to do the search properly are becoming patronising. Surely this part of the forum is intended to get legitimate issue to the ears of those who can deal with them, rather than to gaslight people - the responses are in fact encouraging me not to report issues again and perhaps to just delete the post as I don’t want to read any more explanations of how I didn’t do it right. Only by letting the complaints get through will anything ever get fixed - remember, we’re not all hardened forum warriors


Please note that I am a fellow user, and volunteer moderator. I do not represent Roon Labs.

I posted because I couldn’t find the release by tittle, and when I searched for the artist, noted the title was different to that searched.

Clearly, there are regional differences with Qobuz.

Regarding search, its flaws are well documented. However, I think there are reasons to be optimistic this year. In case you haven’t seen this…

While things have definitely gotten better in the past year, 2022 was mostly about laying the groundwork. We plan to make faster and more visible progress in 2023 and beyond.

This is odd.
Searching The Traveller I don’t see it

Adding Special Edition I get that version

Under artist discography I see both versions

I’m in Canada but my Qobuz account lives in England.

And this album is great so thanks for that.

Edit: I just realized I had the Qobuz badge turned off on this remote. The album isn’t in my library.
Sorry if that confused things.

That’s exactly what I see. Hopefully this can feed into the Roon search modifications/fixes - the random extra things (often too highly placed) I presume must be played off against dropping stuff, but hopefully we can end up with a search that reliably identifies the complete album name searched for before any reference to a song title in a more “mainstream” album.
Not dropping entire albums I am sure Roon must intend to fix, as otherwise the search function is de facto a lottery.

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