Search is broken reprise

As you can see, I was able to find the song after looking through a dozen or more albums, but not with Roon’s search.

Another example, where I could find the song via browsing albums but Roon’s search is inaccurate. Both these albums were on Tidal and/or Qobuz.

Let me know if there is other info that would help you figure out this search problem.

Thanks for the feedback, @sonic_fanatic — I’ve passed this along to the team to investigate.

Having issues with the search function as well and came across this post. When searching for “Beirut Nantes” I do not get this in the results even though the song is in my library.

I get one result and that’s wrong.

Another example:
When I search for the old march “Arnhem” I get many relevant recordings in the Tidal app, but none when I search in Tidal via Roon.

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Not sure what happened to addressing this issue: Search is broken reprise

It continues…and if you click more for tracks then this track is not there.

6 page downs, but at least it was there!