Search is returning poor results

This is a bit of feedback on Roon search at the moment. I have a reasonably large library, but also use Tidal / Qobuz.

I’ve found that particularly in the last few months it seems, Roon is returning less and less relevant search results, the most prominent issue being that it rarely shows things in my own library.

For example if I want to listen to ‘Sleepwalking’ by Elderbrook, and I search for ‘sleepwalking’ this is the result:

None of these tracks are what I’m looking for, and instead I have to manually restrict search to my library to get the desired track to show up:

I understand that in-library tracks might not always be what you want, I could be searching for another ‘sleepwalking’ track on Tidal for example, but it does seem like it’d be a good idea to have roon search always return the top 2-3 results from inside your library even if it thinks other results would usually be better. If you have a track/album/artist in your library already that exactly matches your search term, it seems silly to prioritise stuff you’ve never listened to over that?

This seems to be happening very frequently, and I’ve found myself having to browse manually a LOT more. It’s almost like Roon search is avoiding showing the stuff in my library unless I am ultra specific and provide both the artist name and the song name.

Anyway, just a bit of feedback, it’d be great if Search could be weighted a bit so that it’s more likely to actually return results from your library without having to explicitly restrict it to library only results

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There is a long-running thread about search, its failures and improvements, and suggestions/experiences, where your frustrations came up many times. See here:

Have you tried the local library icon to constrict results?

He did:

Yes, and this works, but it’s frustrating that seemingly more than 50% of the time, I HAVE to use this button.

It’s nice to have that button, but it shouldn’t be something I have to use every single time due to poor search results. I should have to ‘assist’ the search as little as possible.
If I have a track or artist that PERFECTLY matches my search term in my library already, it seems silly to ignore it completely and not show it.

Chances are pretty darn high that I was searching for the song I have in my library and listen to a fair bit, rather than tracks that only partially match from artists I’ve never listened to.

It seems reasonable that search should at least be made to always include SOME results from your library. That way regardless of whether you’re looking for the in-library result or not, you’ll always get what you want without having to manually filter stuff

This was all discussed yesterday in the other thread :slight_smile: and not for the first time

I wanted to bump this thread as search was unfortunately seemingly not mentioned in the user survey at all.

Right now search is the main issue for myself, and the most common complaint I see in my supporters chat as well.

Search was much better in the past, but right now it requires far too many clicks or manual narrowing of filters essentially every time to get the right results.

I have no idea why tracks that are either in the user’s library or that the user listens to frequently are not prioritised in search over tracks that don’t even match the search term very closely in the first place?

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