Search not returning all valid items

When I search, for example “rogers”, I get back a five entries but not all valid entries, in the case of “rogers”, “Kenny Rogers” isn’t returned.

Doesn’t Roon like Kenny or what’s the issue?

All my music is local and I dint use any streaming services.

If I search for “Kenny”, it is found.

Just looking for clarification, why didn’t you put in Kenny Rogers into search? Was this a test only?

It wasn’t so much Kenny I was looking for but a particular song. I’ve had this issue before and never much bothered with it, but surely a search can’t be that hard to code right??

I didn’t put in the whole name coz I couldn’t remember the full name.

If it bothers you, do it again and open a thread in support with a screenshot. Best way to get improvements…

If it bothers me? Shouldn’t this work? That’s why I posted here, I’ll see if I can find the support area but I’ll wait til I’m on the computer instead of the iPad, much easier.

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I have streaming. Nevertheless, I searched for “Rogers” and Kenny was number 7, which I think is not bad considering the other Rogers around. (Putting “kenny” into the funnel makes him no. 1, but that’s not fair as you said you couldn’t remember his name).
As your music is all local it seems something is awry here. @ged_hickman1’s idea of a screenshot may throw some light.

You may not have seen the “View All” button on the screen.

Hi @Ralf_Ortmanns,

I tried to reproduce your issue but Kenny Rogers is the 4th artist that pops up for me on my end:

I do have a slight difference here than you do since I am making use of streaming libraries.
Were all the rogers displayed “valid” rogers? It is possible that you might have more “rogers” than the streaming services have in their libraries and that is why the additional results are there, but if you are able to share a screenshot of the results + the view all results we can take a closer look.


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