Search slowness has returned

Anybody else getting slow searches. Seems since yesterdays update searches have got very slow again. Feels like a regression back to all the issues in 1.6. @support anything going on server side. Getting upto 10 secs to get a search results, for common stuff.

Nope 2 seconds for the Beatles, 4 secs for quantum jump.

It’s back to normal at the moment earlier it was dire earlier my internet was faster and less people using my WiFi. So before anybody questions my network it’s not. It was not before when I had loads of issues and Roon admitted it was an issue there end. I still think there service suffers at times as it’s never consistently fast. Where every other application is. Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify return pretty much instantly.

Just ran the build 521 update. Lightning fast ( for Roon ).

I’m finding it a little more inconsistent with searches since the release but generally fine.

The overview page does take around 5 seconds to load and was a little quicker prior to the update but still 3-4 seconds, is this a typical experience?

Hello @CrystalGipsy,

The team identified an issue which was likely contributing to this behavior over the weekend and resolved it. If you’re still seeing slow searches at the present time, do let us know, thanks.


Searching for “Jeff Parker suite for max brown” but after 5 minutes no response, Roon still searching Tidal, presumably. Other searches have also been very slow over the last few days.

Hi @PixelPopper,

Thanks for sharing that example, I’m also seeing the search for this query a bit slower than expected, but what’s interesting is that other searches (not related to this query) are working very fast.

Can you please provide some more examples of queries that take a long time to load on your end?

Hi Noris,
searches have been OK for the last few days. If the problems recur I will forward search details.


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