Search throwing up extraneous material

I have a big, mostly classical library. Today I searched for music by Tchaikovsky, asked Roon to display All Albums and was shown not just albums of music by Tchaikovsky but also various albums of music by Vivaldi and others. I’ve checked to make sure that there’s no music by Tchaikovsky or references to him on those albums – there isn’t.

This is happening with other searches too. What’s going on here and how can I get the search function working properly again? I’d appreciate suggestions.

The searchlight search seems to be a generic “all fields” search, which is why the extra garbage.

Using the composition page, filtering on Tchaikovsky, works well.

Thanks for the instantaneous reply, John. Please could you help me out, here. Is there a way of turning configuring the search box so it doesn’t return the extra garbage? It used not to but suddenly it does, which makes me think that either I’ve accidentally reconfigured it or that my library has been corrupted.

Alternatively, how do I use the composition page + filtering? Could you walk me through the steps?

Thanks again, Philip

Short delay. Away from my pc will respond later.

That’s funny. Roon seems to see a connection between Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky. Now the question is: which one?

Both wrote something related to Seasons - but that’s not the real relationship here. Or is it?

Also, searching for just “Vivaldi” doesn’t return Tchaikovsky - so it’s only “downstream in time” it seems. (Instead I get all Bach albums shown there - instead of just the few which actually contain Bach transcriptions of Vivaldi works…)

Interesting that you seem to be having a similar problem. Like you, if I search for Vivaldi I also get my Bach albums listed. I wonder what’s going on? Is it something that you’ve just noticed or has it been going on for a while?

The result for Vivaldi (Bach included) I do understand; J. S. Bach wrote a few pieces based on Vivaldi works. But I would only want to see albums returned which contain those works, not all Bach albums I have in my library. Relationships seem to be a tricky thing - not just for humans. :wink:

Well, it sounds as if there’s a problem with Roon’s search functionality. Here’s hoping that one of the Roon support team will pick up on this and help to get it resolved.

Both Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky wrote “Seasons” pieces. Hence the conflation.

I get that, but then I’d expect a search on Tchaikovsky to yield Vivaldi’s The Seasons but not a whole bunch of other albums as well. Likewise, I wouldn’t expect a search on Vivaldi to yield, among other things, albums of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, St Matthew Passion, Cello Suites, Partitas, etc!

Sorry, Philip you asked for help on compositiion page filtering a day ago. It fell out of short-term memory

Go to the composition page. You should see Composer column on your display. If not, there is a downward arrow on the far right of the header that will reveal column options. Also, I toggle the Only Classical button.

Then hit the filter icon next to Composer and type tch and Peter’s comps should display themselves.

Let me know if that’s any closer to what you want.

Update: or try the Album View Focus/Composers/Tchaikovsky

It will display all albums with at least one Tchaikovsky track.

Both those suggestions work and solve the problem I’ve been struggling with. Thank you so much, John. Best wishes, Philip

But for a “hard wired” relationship this isn’t good enough, is it? Maybe there’s something else?

When I search for Schubert I don’t get all the other composers who happened to write a Liebeslied too. Which is the right thing, btw…

True, but Album view/Focus/Composer will get you the album faces of all albums with at least one Tchaikovsky track. That’s gotta work for you, no?

I’m simply curious if it’s really the Seasons thing (because it works just one way) which brings the search result up as it does now. And if so, I would tend to question the logic behind it …