Search with (in title) doesn't present my library in the results [Resolved - Build 216]

If I start to type the name of an album/song in my collection into the search box, I receive the proper “suggestions” from search - the names of albums/songs from my collection that match what I’ve typed in the box.

But if I click on a search suggestion that has parentheses in the search request [e.g. “Who’s Next (24 bit)”], I get only results from Tidal that more or less match my search. None of the music files/albums from my own server/library appear in the results, even though they did appear in the search suggestions.

This didn’t happen to me before the most recent update.

It also doesn’t happen if I do a search without (_) in the search request - then material from my own library does appear in the search results.

This is happening with both android and iOS versions of the Roon app. So apparently it is server (core) related. I’m running RoonServer on a Win10 PC.

Hi @danny2 ----- Thank you for the feedback. We are looking into this behavior you are reporting.



Just noticed that the same thing happened when I accidentally included a “-” character in the search string: no material from my own server library appeared in the search results, only material from Tidal.

Without the - the search worked fine.

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I was about to enter a bug report for the same thing – I’ve noticed it a lot, but only just found the time to come to the site. Thanks @danny2 for reporting it in a more timely fashion.

@eric – have you been able to replicate the issue? Do you need any more data from people who are experiencing it?

Happy to help – it’s quite an annoying bug. You have to do the search without any parentheses, brackets, dashes, etc. which is more time consuming and requires you to sort through many more results.



@danny2 and @Vog ----- Thank you for your patience and the continued feedback. My apologies for the slow response here.

Confirming that the behavior has been replicated in house and a ticket is currently with our developers who are investigating this issue. Once I have some feedback I will be sure to update this thread accordingly.


Thanks. Looking forward to the fix.

Issue appears fixed in build 216. Thanks

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