Searches take 60 seconds or longer

MacPro, 10.12.6. RoonServer version 1.7 (610)

Everything is Ethernet, except for the iPhones and this MacBook, which are WiFi. It’s not my network.

Literally every search I’ve made tonight is taking 60 or more seconds to complete. Yes, I timed it. I’ve restarted my server, and the client. Please help.

I just tried Roon, it failed, then tried the Qobuz app and same slowness, then tried Tidal, worked great, so I’m guessing it’s something about Qobuz.

Funny just stumbled upon this. All my music is local and any artist/song/album search is super slow tonight.

Endpoints all hard wired. Android controller over WiFi as remote. Gen 8i7 NUC with Rock

Same for me, search is completely unusable

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Same here. Browsing is normal but search just not working.

I just tried hardwired win10 machine in addition to Android phone. Crazy slow. Surely I don’t have to make a round trip to a Roon server outside my house if all my music is on a home network!?!?


Same Here. This happened to Me earlier in the year and Roon insisted there wasn’t a problem. That’s probably why they are ignoring this thread


Seems better now…

Saw on another post here (cannot find now) that google had some cloud issues yesterday. Potential cause. On their thread exists about slow Roon yesterday.

It is time that Roon had a ‘Service Status’ banner at the top of the Community page (like most ISPs have). This could start as a basic indicator of Roon cloud services health (as traffic lights) and be further developed as necessary to drill down to more local issues. Ultimately, it could run local diagnostics on your Roon server to give further detail on network issues local to you.


Apologies for the trouble here, everyone. Our engineers identified an issue that was causing some slowness yesterday around 8:00 PM ET and took action to get things back up and running. Things appear to be better now (and have for some time) but if you’re still seeing any issues please let us know!


Would this impact a system that is all local, meaning no streaming?

Yes it would

@dylan A status page would alleviate a lot of these posts. We accept these things happen in the cloud infancy era and having a service health page would be most appreciated.

Setting up a cloud status page isn’t a trivial task. Considering how relatively few outages there are I’d prefer the development hours going into product.

Understood (I work in IT, but not for much longer :grinning:), which is why I suggested it should start as a basic indicator and go from there. It is not logical or acceptable that a cloud service issue should impact local library searches. An online indication that there is an issue would benefit the forum in relation to reduction in posts querying poor performance.


It was recently explained to me by support that Roon is doing soooooo much it pushes networks to their limit and if your network isn’t set up perfectly, this is to be expected.

This isn’t about local networks it’s about monitoring the services provided by Roon through THEIR cloud infrastructure.

That’s what I thought but they keep telling me it’s my network. Just sharing that info.

Two different topics.

  1. Slow search can be due to poor local networking.
  2. Can be due to a service outage and that’s what the monitoring suggestion is related to.
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