Searching a playlist for a track

Sorta reviving this older chat, but as a new user, I 100% agree. I’d also love to see the ability to search within my playlist for a specific track, and play the track from my playlist. It makes me upset that I can search for a track in a playlist in Spotify, but can’t do that in Tidal or Roon.

Hi @Pretty_Flacko,

You can do this in Roon by using the Filter option. Next to each column header in the playlist browser you should see a filter icon. You can use this to find any specific track, artist, or album you are looking for.

Note that this is not an option on mobile devices


Ah, thank you! I have a follow-up question: some I originally used Spotify. With Spotify, while I was in shuffle play, if I encountered, say, a 3 movement piece, and I wanted to listen to the other two movements, all I had to do was press the shuffle button and it would order the tracks normally so that I would be able to listen to the entire piece. Is there any way to do this? I know that Roon sometimes puts some of the movements together, but this doesn’t seem to be done 100% of the time, or for all the movements.

Thank you!

Hi @Pretty_Flacko,

On the Queue screen you can enable and disable shuffle:

let’s say I’m listening on shuffle, and I get to song A. I don’t want to listen to it, but I know that song B comes right after it on my playlist. Normally, I would just unclick shuffle, and it would still keep me on song B, but the next time I press the “next track” button, I would get song B. Is there a way to do this with Roon? Thanks!

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Hi @Pretty_Flacko,

If you click the Shuffle button this is not possible, but if you start playback normally with the Shuffle option on in the queue then yes this is possible.

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Any chance you’ll be bringing this to mobile devices, which is how I use Roon 95% of the time.

Does the filter option work for latest iPads?

AFAIK, the Filter option should be present on iPads, but still not present on iPhones.

Disclaimer - I don’t use Apple products, so perhaps an Apple user could chime in if necessary…

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