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This is an example. I have five albums composed by Benjamin Britten. When I search his name as composer, only one album shows up. All five albums have Britten listed as composer in credits. What am I doing wrong?

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Does this thread help?

Not really. Perhaps I am misunderstanding what to do. I checked Benjamin Britten bio page and his meta was already checked “yes” for being a classical composer. All the albums I have are tagged “Classical” and Benjamin Britten is in the credits as composer. I don’t get a “composed by” listing of albums on the Britten bio page.

Probably problematic metadata is causing this. Some more information about the specific albums would help in diagnosis. Please post details, e.g. screenshots showing the albums and are these sourced from a streaming service or ripped/downloaded files held locally?

PS - please also clarify what you are doing when you say you “search his name as a composer” - is this using the global search, or using Focus or Filter in the Album browser or looking at the Britten page in the Composer browser, or what?

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Do you not see a “Compositions” tab on his page? (the Overview tab only shows albums in your library where he is a performer)

If you want to see the “Composed by” list of albums in your library, then use the Discography tab and check the “Library” icon:
to only show albums in your library. The “Main” albums are listed first (albums where Britten is a primary artist), followed by albums on which he is credited, and then the list of albums containing a composition or arrangement by him (the “Composed by” list).

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What happens if you open album cover overview and set a focus filter for composer: Benjamin Britten?

All these albums except from 1 appear on Britten bio overview page filed under ´composed by´ as well. This one exception is ´I wonder as I wander´.

Did you doublecheck Benjamin Britten has NO other role than composer assigned to these albums or tracks?

If he is primary artist, album artist or performer of at least one track of an album, the album might not appear in the ´composed by´ section. That was exactly the problem with the aforementioned album missing in his ´composed by´ section as he was arranger, translator and composer for that one.

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