Searching for „She“ incomplete

Roon Core Machine

Rock (Intel Nuc 8i5, 8 GB), build 1182, latest iPad 16.1 Client

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

4000 tracks and Qobuz subscription

Description of Issue

I was searching for Elvis Costello‘s „She“. Tried searching for she and filtering to Elvis Costello and Vice versa - no hits (it finds „she“ as part of a title, but not the one-word-title).

I then used the search in Qobuz app, found the title as the first hit (no wonder…), then - back in Roon - was able to drill down to the title via artist and album.

Are you treating simple word searches with potentially endless results differently? While result ordering is usually very helpful, it failed miserably this time.

Thanks, Johannes

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Thank you for reporting this. I’ll have a look.

Hi @Johannes_Geenen,

@zenit opened a Roon ticket for this reported issue.

We never give timelines for resolution but the issue is on our radar now.

Happy holidays,

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It’s been a while, sorry. This should work now. Thank you for reporting it!