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I don’t understand Roon’s search results. I search for NINA SIMONE and am presented with:

Top Tracks - 8 results
Main Albums - 77 results
Singles and EPs - 1 result

Firstly, none of the top tracks are sung by Nina. Secondly, if I want to view a list of tracks sung by Nina I have to open every single album! Surely it’s possible to view a list of tracks sung by Nina!


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When I try it lots of the top tracks have Nina Simone in the title. Roon is considering track names as well as singer here.

To find the list of all of her tracks in your library, once you have selected Nina as the artist (and she was Top Result), scroll down to main albums and tap/click on the 3 dots on the right.

You can’t get a list of all her tracks in Tidal via Roon.

Another option is to select Nina Simone as the Artist, and while viewing her Artist page select Play Now. Roon will play a selection of Nina’s music over her career. Like Roon Radio, if you keep tapping the ‘thumbs up’ icon on Roon Radio you will see the selection of tracks accumulate in the play queue.
If you would like to be able to view every track an artist has, you should request it as a Feature.

There is a workaround to achieve this, it is feasable but not really practical.
Disclaimer: I can only demonstrate with Qobuz as I do not scubscribe Tidal.

I honestly do not understand why one wants to do this, certainly with artists like Nina Simone (or other artists form the fifties-sixties), as there are now hundrerds of rubbish compilation albums added to Qobuz (maybe not in Tidal?).
This means you will have the same tracks over and over again, just check how many albums are added in the last 3 years. It is really a shame (not to say a scandal).

Here is how to do it - I do it with Little Feat as they have a more reasonable amount of albums.

Search for Little Feat and select (Top) Artist

Click on View All for the Main Qobuz Albums (40 albums in thsi case)

Select View All Main Albums

and add them to a new Playlist e.g. Little Feat0

Go to Playlists

Select Little Feat0

and as a result you have now 797 Qobuz tracks NOT in your library.

We start anew with Little Feat as Top Result -Artist

Now we select View All Albums in Main Albums - 5 in this case (these are the albums in your library).

Now we focus on the Qobuz albums in My Library

We select all the resulting albums (4 in this case)

and add them to the playlist LittleFeat0

If you then return to Playlist - LittleFeat0 you will have 844 Qobuz tracks your playlist.

If you want, you can select all tracks and Bookmark them, or add a Tag to them.


What you’re finding is Roon is album-centric. It is not about tracks. However, as has been discussed, you can filter for any artist in the Track View. It will give you a track list but only of tracks in your library. Qobuz and Tidal only give albums.

Another fine example of how unfit for purpose Roon search is. When will they learn?

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Goodness! All that power and no easy way to find a list of tracks by an artist?

If you know the name of the artist, but you don’t know the track name or you’re misspelling while searching, you’re unable to find the track without going into each album and scanning the track names. For Nina Simone that’s 77 albums!!!

This is what a search of Pink Floyd looks like on iTunes and Roon. There are only a few dozen results in Roon and they aren’t even by the artist. It seems to me such an obvious way of searching for music.

As I said before, just use the track view and filter by Artist or Album Artist. Works the same, just not outside your library.

The problem is not finding music within my library, it’s searching for new music on platforms like Tidal.

Being able to see all tracks by an artist (especially organised into albums) helps me to discover new music.

Unfortunately Roon’s technical achievements continue to be let down by their user interface.

For comparison, this is what a search for Pink Floyd within my own library looks like on iTunes and Roon. The difference is night and day!

Despite Roon offering more on screen controls, it displays less useful information. It also requires more user input to perform the same task as iTunes.

iTunes displays more track names and each album is far easier to distinguish. If I want to view tracks by a different artist it requires a mouse scroll and single click.

To do the same on Roon requires 2 backward clicks, mouse scroll, click artist, click show all track names.

Doesn’t anyone at Roon care about this?

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Please @BrianW tell me where is the “view all tracks” option in 1.8?
I search an artist in my library, and I have, for example, Main Albums (3), Singles and EP’s (6), Appearances (2) and 40 album covers under Compilations. Where is the “view all tracks” option? Now I have to click on every album cover to discover a song, play, back again and click again and play again, 40 times …

On the artist’s page, underneath their name will be:
play options… heart… 3 dots. Click the 3 dots.
View tracks in library is there.

Thank you, it works :)))

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