Show all tracks by artist


New user here (few days)

My question :slight_smile:

If i , say type in ABBA , i get my local results first and can click on show all tracks.

Then i get the Tidal results , Albums , Singles & EP’s , with various artist, … But there is no Show all tracks option? I can click every album to search for a song but if you don’t remember the title…

Is there an option if i search for an artist that i can see all their tracks (on tidal) instead of searching in each album?

Sorry for the bad english…



“View All Tracks” button from artist page. It is above “View All Albums” button.
It will display all tracks from your library (local and Tidal).

Yes, thats the one i was talking about, but it only shows the local results , no tidal results…

Only show my Library is disabled

I get this :

It can’t be done really, but…
If you really want to do it, please read this thread