Searching the classical repertoire

DSPs have, on average ~50 tracks, or roughly 5 million albums, total. a fraction of those are classical. if i had to guess, I’d say 100k-250k are classical, of all periods.

MusiCHI seems difficult to track down and not very professional in their presentation—I ran in to a possible version by the supposed creator but one link to an exe file is dropbox while the second link they provided was from a different cloud server. The reviews from a few years ago sound good and they added support for ALAC, but it is still PC only to use the software suite.

Has anyone used other classical tagging software?


Sorry, but I’m not sure what DSP stands for in this context.

Digital Service Providers, ie, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, etc.

Thanks (+ a few letters to meet the minimum) i believe

Its a download from that site 30 days free

By far the best i have found. MusiClean will do a composition lookup based on composer and track title , normally very accurate and quite comprehensive

Phillipe as far as i know is a one man dev but i have always found his support 100%. I have used it for 3 to 4 years its very stable, very flexible

You can even map custom tags. I ll post the link when i get near my PC

Thanks, Mike. I tried accessing that site via iPad but there were no links I could click on. I will try it with a desktop computer.

What has he done !!

This is not the normal home page , he must have reorganised his site to sell his server hsrdware

You could try

                                                                                        Post nr 3  map-list function

In Post nr 1 I asked for a map-list function in general.
In Post nr 2 I explained why Roon was hardly usefull for the classisal home collection.
In Post nr 3 I summarize the reactions and I will make a proposal that parties can live with.
“Make a Roon Light or a Roon Home”.
Allmost all posters recognize the problem. A mutilated file on the moment of import in Roon.
What I miss - till now - is the willingness to solve the problem.
A lot of bears are produced (by Roon officials I presume).
Mentioned items were: enormous staff, significant group of developpers, millions of albums etc.
Yes I admit that the demands on Roon grow and grow and with that the complexity increases.
But Roon started as audio management system + a tool for organizing the home collection.
The world of streaming brought a huge expansion…the new challenge with millions of…
I can understand the point of view of Roon but I ask them not to forget their former objectives i.c.
management of the home collection.
This can be done with a addition (extra item in the settings) but also by the way of a reduction.
But let’s first face some facts.

Classical users - but maybe other users too - have no fun in using the Roon import system for
scrolling their home collection. We all agree that the supplied metadata do not give sufficient information for correct and fast ranking, searching and scrolling.
I do no blame Roon!!!
I do not ask Roon to correct and to fill the metadata. It would be a really huge and impossible task!
While Roon is pointing at the world wide collection I am targeting my own collection.
I do my job in a few seconds. I give a name - the correct name - to each new recording that I add to
my digital collection and that is it. The computer does the rest.
It produces the alphabetical and numerical ranking like all PC’s do.
I can make maps and lists as much as I want. When I want a additional category or another selection (period ranking, style ranking or whatever) it is a simple task with copy and paste.
No work at all for Roon.
This is the formula that all petitioners for a map-list function ask for.
Look to the remarks: “We have Roon but we do not import because…” (tig posts).
The point is: ** the bigger the import, the more the confusion**.
The overview in the current Roon system/presentation is lost in the quantity.
I think the time has come for Roon to reconsider how to please the different groups of clientele.
Focusing on the (big) category of streamers on the worldwide web or provide support to the
the owners of a home collection. It’s like serving two masters with conflicting demands.
I do not ask Roon to abandon the worldwide streaming targets. Just do. But do not forget me.
I would prefer the managing of my home collection. Despite of the loss of certain Roon blessings.
Maybe it is the time to think about a Roon Wide and a Roon Light.

I have another argument for a reconsideration of the Roon system.
For what purpose do I stick to Roon?
Roon pretends to be the world’s finest system for browsing coupled to a audio-management system.
Roon suggest that the Roon Ready certificate guarantees a unique high level experience.
I admit that in managing the audiosystems Roon offers top quality.
The Roon system is the only system that secures a reliable and flawless communication with all devices in my audiosystem. In this aspect I like Roon!! Long live Roon.
It is the reason that I bought a Nucleus not being aware of all the discomfort arising on the inevitable moment of importing my collection.
But at this time there is no alternative. Roon makes import mandatory… Creating the mess.
I cannot read my sticks and SSD’s in the direct way that I prefer. So I ask for a reduction.
Less Roon + reintroduction of the basic computer abilities to handle maps and lists.
Spare me the mandatory import in Roon. I want to use my Nucleus in my system with the comfort
of my own scrolling parameters. Actually a Nucleus in the capacity as a superlative audio NAS.
Using my own maps and lists. Just like every free app can do. That’s all.
Do away with the unavoidable Roon import. Let the work be done by the basic PC skills.
I would be satisfied by this kind of Roon Light or Roon Home.
Result: Roon’s connecting strenghts + easy and fast scrolling the home collection.

I hope that in the end Roon will not turn a deaf ear to the map-list requests.
Do I give potential classical users a positive advice or a warning?
R.H. Maasdam, Netherlands

Some additional information featuring the context of my request

  • I am a subscriber of Qobuz. The classical added value of Roon in this regard is rather limited.
  • I like high quality, AIFF, MQA and DSD recordings from several sources (my home collection).
  • I am the owner of high level equipment and I like the added value of Roon audio management.
  • I like the Beatles, I like Count Basie and I like Bach but I do not like to find them in the Roon
    search in the same row alongside each other (yes I can tag but I dislike all the effort).
  • Time and again I feel uncomfortable in indexing Bach as an artist and a symphony as a song.

I’d like to clarify my position. While I’d find a curated/mapped view of classical useful, it would be nice, but not critical.

I have roughly 1500 classical albums, most with carefully groomed metadata, and I have very little trouble finding specific albums, or browsing my collection.

I haven’t seen a system for classical that’s better than roon’s. Really like the map idea, but don’t want to inaccurately prioritize it over other stuff I’d like to see (like the ability to sort albums or tracks by a given roonalbumtag or roontracktag).

I listen less to classical music than I would like, because I mostly don’t know what I would like to hear and browsing on my phone is slow. I too find it easier to reach for a cd.

Idalgo is a streaming service for only classical and has an interface that I really like. It makes it easy to brows and discover, even though it’s classical music. But it is only classical, and my music taste is broader than that, and for everything else roon has my preferred interface. I hope roon could take inspiration, and hopefully also add this music service.

For now, classical only plays in the living room where I still have my cd-player.

I appreciate that English is not not your native tongue but please can you clarify what you mean by a map list ?

The Dutch word “map” is the English word “folder” - he wants folder browsing…

I did wonder if that was it

So little chance …

take a look at this is the way it should be done.

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They do a great job with the popular composers. The lesser known ones aren’t mapped, but maybe they’ll incrementally map them over time.

It’s a solution I used for these Bach Cantatas. I have the Suzuki and Koopman editions. Just selected all Koopmans and made an Bookmark. For Suzuki the same.
When you select the bookmark you can choose easily one of the cd’s. While playing, all of the cd’s are visible in the column By this artist, so it’s easy to choose another one.

Neat solution , now expand that to other Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Schubert etc etc and you will drown in a sea of unmanageable book marks

AH feature request for better bookmark management

Sorry if i seem somewhat scathing but its a workaround at best :blush:

not sure what you mean by mapping here (coverage?). could you provide an example of a lesser known composer who is poorly “mapped?”

Check out Gerald Finzi. Popular, but not at the same level as anyone randomly named “Bach.”