Second internal storage (internalstorage-2) files didn’t imported by RoonOS Build 256

Roon Core Machine

Asrock J4205-itx 12GB RAM, 100GB SSD for Roon OS(Build 256), 4TB WD Red + Micron 2TB SSD as internal music storage, 1TB external SSD exfat formatted connected via USB3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys EA9350

Connected Audio Devices

AudioQuest Cobalt

Number of Tracks in Library

Around 60000, only 35000 imported

Description of Issue

As my internal 4TB HDD is Full, I moved another 2TB SSD from another ROCK machine, all files can be seen in network drive as internalstorage-2, but none of the file imported in music library. As all drive installed internally will be added into ROCK internal storage unlike external attached storage like USB or NAS can added into storage menu manually, so internalstorage-2 cannot be seen or added in storage menu manually, force rescan only imported music from internalstorage 4TB HDD but none from internalstorage-2, anything can do? Have to wait improvement from future build? any suggestions?

SSD is getting cheaper, but replacing 4TB+2TB is not an option as I’m using all available materials to me to expand my storage.

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Anyway, as long as the internalstorage-2 is accessible via network share, I will try to attach the internalstorage-2 as network drive, less optimal as this will increase network traffic twice as output to router then back to ROCK, I shutdown the NAS as backup only, I want all my music files within ROCK machine locally to minimial network access during playback.

Only certain models of Intel NUCs (see the list here) are supported by Roon Labs for Roon OS. You have built what is known in the Community as a MOCK machine.

You can continue to use the network path workaround for Roon OS, or you have the option to install Linux or Windows on your ASrock system and install Roon Server on it.

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I know it’s MOCK as no NUC meeting my requirement (use mechanical HDD, 10w super low TDP) and I am reusing my spare hardware

Unable to see second internal storage definitely software issues not hardware one, ROCK or MOCK doesn’t matter.

I know it’s a software issue - I’m simply saying that Roon OS is built by Roon Labs to cater for their list of supported Intel NUC models - none of which have 2 M.2 SSD slots, so if Roon OS doesn’t support a second internal M.2 SSD directly at this time, then your only options are to use another OS or use the network access workaround.

That’s why NUC is not my choice with storage expansion limitation, but shouldn’t be software issue with ROCK, I don’t see any merit to locking software capability because of hardware limitation of specific platform.

Rock officially only supports one additional disk internally for music. 2 is beyond the limit. Connect it externally.

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