Second row of artists looks messy

Is there any way I can not have the second line of artists displayed from somewhere in the settings and without removing any metadata?

That second line looks messy and seems really unnecessary especially when the artists icons are undernearth the tracklisting.

How do the primary artist links and the Album Artist look like in the Roon edit window?

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 23.01.26

It’s weird because this dosen’t often happen with multi artist releases. But almost always when it’s a Zake release.

Hm yeah I figured it’s like this. I don’t think you can remove the second row except by turning off all three primary artist links, which you probably don’t want. But if you set the album artist to the three names separated by commas, then the first line should disappear while each name remains clickable. Might look neater, if you don’t have to have the pluses

So weird, nothing will shift that extra line. Tried all kinds of formatting.

Thanks though, @Suedkiez, appreciate your help.

Sorry :confused: Sadly as the album is not on streaming I can’t try and play

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