Self Powered Speakers: Where is the Sonos-like speaker, with more inputs?

I am stunned (in a positive way) at the price/audio quality ratio of the Sonos One.

I have two questions:

  1. Are there other devices, even at a multiple of the cost, that do materially better?

  2. Issue with the Sonos: It appears limited to situations where I have either wired ethernet or strong wifi. That is not available for some of my family who are in college dorms, or shared housing. What is a Sonos-One type system that has more input options? (Pref: Aux In + Bluetooth + RCA)

Bluesound Pulse speakers are Roon Ready and do High Res along with MQA. Optical inputs for TV also. These can be set to activate when a signal is sensed. They play Bluetooth fine too.

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My friend bought his daughter Ruark MR1 Mk2 to take off to Uni - she loves them, but almost didn’t get them as dad was so impressed :grinning:

About £320, astounding for the money
Loads of inputs, dunno about Roon on them tho’

Sadly no Roon (Ready), although could probably be hooked up by a Google Chromecast Audio if you had one knocking around.

I’d second the Ruark MR1 MK2 - I’ve been very impressed by mine and do indeed use them with a Chromecast Audio.

Well, thank you very much!

But, from what I can tell, unavailable in the U.S.!

Ruark MR1 Mk2: I have had them for 3 years and still use them on my desk with my MacBook Pro 13. They look great and match nicely a minimal decor. They do not go obsolete in 6 years (like sonos) as they don’t have any smarts and the amp inside is Class AB (no digital). Lovely sound but… a bit boomy if placed near a wall or on bookshelf as I have them. In this case they need EQ which unfortunately is not offered. I use AudioHijack on my Mac to reduce bass from 120Hz downwards. This way they sound amazing.

I would also consider Dynaudio monitoring speakers

I have Sonos One’s and love them. For great sound quality try a pair of Sonos One’s plus Roon for stereo set up. You can also add a Sonos sub for extra bass.

For the ultimate solution look at Buchardt A500s or A700s. These are Active speakers (paired with a hub for loads of input options) with built in DACs and DSP for true next generation audiophile experience. Different league :wink:

Checkout John Darko’s review:

I bought a pair of used Beolab 4500’s and slapped a pi behind 'em. You even get a DIN input. They’re a couple of hundred each in good condition, so not the cheapest option, but they look damn good and they’re pretty great as space-savers on a college dorm wall. I’d like to find a way to get the display to work, though (it’s a B&O protocol).

If you want to buy new, Audio Pro has some nice options (I’d pretty aggressively restrict its connectivity though), and since you said “multiple the cost”, Naim’s Mu-so QB.