Sell my Aries Femto?

I was running Roon on my pc in my office, then streaming from my nas via my Auralic Aries (femto clocks version) into a dcs Puccini player bia a U-clock. Sounds great.
I have since re-installed Roon onto a dedicated Intel i3 fanless nuc, (which sits close to the Puccini) and stream using its usb output directly into the Puccini. It sounds great still, but it’s too fiddly to do an a-b comparison with the Aries, as I have to change all the cables in between listens.
Am I gaining anything if I use the Aries? After all, it adds extra components into the chain?
If not, it makes sense to sell it.

“keep it simple” is a great mantra, and often not without cause. The Aries is a great piece of kit, but if its adding features you’re not needing or using in this setup, then why keep it in circuit?

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Keep is simple is a great mantra. But that’s not what he is doing. There is a piece of software that acts as a streaming bridge and transports the music stream to USB. The question is, if it does a better job than the Aries with his femto clock. I doubt this.

I would advice just testing between the two even if a blind test approach is not feasible (and even less so a double-blind). It will give you the understanding in broader strokes if you will miss it or not.

If you do not experience any improvement with the Aries Femto after switching a couple of times, then you should definitely sell it. To be sure give it another week or two to hear if you miss it — if not it’s simple!

In my opinion too many people hold on to things they don’t use or don’t need when they could sell or give it away for someone else to enjoy. That’s simplifying and avoiding clutter.