Separate Tidal accounts for profiles

To make profiles more useful they should allow specification of a Tidal account of each specific user (with the default being the main account).


Roon should support several Tidal subscriptions i.e. coming from a Tidal Family HiFi subscription. Every family member should be able to have his own Roon profile connected with his own Tidal account. Sonos supports this for Tidal, Spotify and others.


+100 on each Roon profile being mapped to its own Tidal profile, at least optionally

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I echo this request. We’re a family of 4 all using Roon but only one (my) Tidal account is configured in Roon. If someone plays a tidal track, I’m being kicked out of tidal app :-(…even when traveling…it would be great if the profiles in Roon can have their own Tidal login. Or is there a good reason why not?

Updating this to Qobuz Family instead of Tidal Family!

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