Sequential Play of tracks

So, I’ve fiddled around with Roon for about a year and it’s been OK. However, I am now looking for a serious install and way to listen to my music.

The HUGE problem is that I can’t get Roon to play the tracks on an album IN SEQUENCE!

Take Dark Side of the Moon, it was created as a sequence. Take Sgt Pepper, it was created as a sequence. But most importantly, Beethoven’s 9th (for example) was written and played FIrst movement, Second Movement etc IN ORDER.

This has to be fixed and I’m sure someone knows this, but if it can’t this isn’t for me (and lots and lots of other audiophiles I know)


Doug Small

You must have a shuffle option set. I can play all albums in sequence.

Look here

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Thanks; that seems to do it. This also plays the tracks in sequence :wink:

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