Serious Problem with Nucleus+

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus+ (Shipped as standard, no modifications)
Purchased in the UK from on 7/7/2023

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Full fibre broadband (Community Fibre 1GB/s)
Linksys Velop Modem into LGS105V2 Switch
Modem & Switch is on the 1st floor (2nd to you), AV gear on the Ground (1st) floor, connected by CAT6 cable to Netgear GS16-100 UKS 16-port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch which feeds the Nucleus +

Connected Audio Devices

Storage: Western Digital 18TB USB3.0 Hard Drive
AVR: Denon AVC-4800 connected by HDMI to Nucleus+'s HDMI A port

Number of Tracks in Library

Some 400,000 tracks

Description of Issue

System working perfectly until I requested info from russandrews (RA) re: upgrading the PSU as I felt that the supplied wall-wart was producing unwanted “noise”. I was asked to check the spec of the PSU as RA no longer supply the Nucleus+! When I did this and re-connected the system I found that the WD storage drive was not being recognised, although all of my Qobuz favourites and purchases were. Fearing a problem with the HD I disconnected it from the Nucleus and connected it to my NUC which I use as a dedicated media player. The HD was immediately recognised and the NUC recognised all of my albums and tracks - so no problem there. I reconnected the HD to the N+. Same result as before.
I then went into System Status. The N+ was recognised but no HD, I did a settings and database reset, but with no result, the restarted the server software, again nothing. The Roon app recognises the core but simply hangs there doing nothing. Would you kindly assist?

Is the WD drive formatted as NTFS?
When you played around with the PS, did you happen to unplug the Nucleus before a proper shutdown?
What is the operating system on the NUC that you use as a media player?

I’m guessing here, but your 18Tb drive likely has an need for “disk checking” due to ejecting it the “wrong way” according to it’s NTFS filesystem.
Connect it to your Windows PC and perform a disk check, eject properly and then try and reconnect it to your Nucleus.

I think that there’s a couple of issues here.

First, your local music files are held on the WD USB drive. I suspect that this has been formatted as NTFS, rather than the recommended ExFAT.

When you removed it from the NUC (which is running a version of Windows, I think?), it may not have been removed safely, and now the Nucleus+ won’t be able to read it when it was reattached to the Nucleus+. See this post on what you need to do:

The second issue is that you have done a Settings and Database reset on your Nucleus - so you have wiped out the Watched Folder setting for the USB drive. You will need to set this up again (in Roon’s Settings > Storage screen).

Be aware that only internal 2.5" drives show up in the status screen of the Web Administration Interface page - USB drives do not show up here.

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Answers to Qs 1 & 2: Yes and yes
Answer to Q3: Win 11 v22H2

Point taken. Don’t recall that I disconnected it deliberately, but I may have been somewhat careless! I’ve now instructed my PC to write “Mustn’t disconnect USB drives without clear permission from Disk Management” 5 million times - but NOT to be printed (not ECO friendly)!! :woozy_face:

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Thanks for this Geoff. All points taken on board - there was some corruption which DiskChk sorted. Left the WD to close down overnight by which time it was no longer seen by the NUC. Reconnected to N+ and it’s now merrily reloading all my tracks (hopefully by tomorrow - otherwise Christmas!)
Once again grateful thanks for your wise assistance.

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