Seriously? No image for Blink 182? [Resolved - Identified album]

OK, I can understand that some artists are pretty obscure, and Roon can’t necessarily know about every single artist out there.

But seriously? There are a few artists with missing info in my library that are not obscure by any stretch of the imagination! Is there a way to make Roon, oh I don’t know, think again? Try harder?

Like this? :slight_smile:

Not sure why you’re missing the image(s) but maybe this is a #support matter.

I’m not just missing the image apparently, I’m missing all the info you have in the photo you posted.

I have run across a few artists that have the bio info, but still no pic. And a few artists the have nothing.

Note that they are “blink-182” in Roon … maybe if you could share a screenshot of the Artist Page and your metadata preferences?

Ah! I think you have hit upon the issue. At least for this one. But I have edited the tags, and now the artist name has not changed in my library. How do I make the change in my library?

Can you confirm your Import Settings? Also, did you change the file tags or edit the Primary Artist in Roon?

I edited the tags in the actual files. I’ve looked in the settings menu, and I can’t see “Import Settings”…

I managed to get things in a much better state by clicking on the album, and selecting “Edit”, then telling Roon to identify the album. Once that was accomplished, everything populated like it should be.


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