Server Hardware suggestions?

Greetings; I have just took the plunge with Roon and need some suggestions on a server. I’d prefer to use a low-cost NUC but I could get a cheapest MacMini. I’d like to keep it simple and inexpensive so I can spend my money on audio equipment :wink: :smile:

Can someone suggest (and send me a link) to a NUC that is already set up and ready to go? i5, SSD, Windows (?)… or just confirm that the cheapest MacMini would also do the trick?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have a NAS for my music files, but could also directly connect a USB drive with the music files if this is a better option.

I gave someone in my family the following shopping list the other day simply based on what I had built and wanting an “easy path”. There are folks that favour Linux etc but I kept this with Windows for user familiarity etc

You don’t state which country so assume you can find similar items wherever you happen to be.

Other users will have variations on each of these so you will have choices.

RAM [16GB….plenty for handling anything now/future]…£50

NUC [same unit that I run at home]……£306

SSD (Hard Drive)[lightning fast for data read of the database]…£140

Operating System [Windows 10 64bit]…£64

Hope that helps

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Thank you for your reply! This looks great, although I was hoping for something that I didn’t have to assemble… but perhaps NUCS are always kits?

There are solutions less DIY but you will pay a bit more for that. A NUC is not a particularly hard thing to put together. I would say easier than a bookcase from Ikea.

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The International Space Station is easier to put together than a Bookcase from Ikea…especially if you follow the included Instructions from Ikea :wink:


I went with a NUC solution for Roon server. Easy to build and setup.

If you plan to use Windows 10 as OS and run it headless you may want a pro version of Windows. The home version does not allow remote desktop sessions for easy access over your network.

Then again Win10 seems fairly stable, I have only logged on once in 6 months to the NUC. This for a driver update that where not critical.


Thanks for all the replies! I might just get one of the newest low-end Mac Mini’s and put an SSD in it… I can get one for around $400 + the cost of a SSD. Not too bad in the end. I don’t know if a NUC would be any cheaper?

Actually maybe this is the solution?

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The sonicTransporter would be a great solution for your small Roon server.

Unlike the mac and NUC the sonicTransporter is fanless and completely silent. It already has the SSD installed and Roon Server pre installed.

It runs our own Linux based OS so it’s easier to update and manage then a PC. You don’t even need a keyboard or monitor. It has a web interface for configuration.

Thank you! I sent you a PM via your website.

Very helpful @ncpl! Any reason not to go with the newer NUC6i5?
I saw reports of problems with it earlier in the year, that seem to have
gone away with an April BIOS update; wondering if it is still to be
avoided as a Linux media server

I have a NUC6i5 running Ubuntu Server (16.10 – I like to live on the edge ;-)) that has been running flawlessly for over 6 months now.

No reason other than maybe when I did it. Not sure the NUC6 was out then. As with all hardware the specs and prices move on. The list above was just a guide so you’d have to look at whether any of the items are superseded. Obviously diligence required w.r.t. compatibility.