Set max device volume at playback start?


Quick question. what does checking the box on the “Set max device volume at playback start” option do? I didn’t really understand what is included as an explanation.


Hey @Fernando_Cruz,

This setting causes Roon to attempt to set the Device’s volume control to the maximum level each time it starts playback.

It’s there to solve problems–if you don’t have problems, you don’t need it!

Generally the problems this solves are phrased like like “I’m not getting full-volume output even though I have Roon set to Fixed Volume mode or the Software Volume slider is at the maximum”, or sometimes “I’m not getting bit-perfect playback, even though I’m in Fixed Volume Mode”.

Maybe your device’s controls are being manipulated by other software or by the OS, and you want Roon to set them back to a known state each time. Maybe your device boots up at 20% volume every time, and you need Roon to reset it for you. Whatever the case may be, if you’re having problems like that, try this setting out and see if it helps.

You can find more info about each setting here