Set "Radio" feature to "Off" by default

Radio only switches back on if you set up a new audio zone and it certainly has not switched back on my upgrade.

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Making Radio Off the default solves the reverting issue and is the right thing to do anyway.

Regardless of personal preference, it is in all of our best interests for Tidal to remain a healthy business, and for the internet to operate in as efficient and consistent a manner as possible. The Radio function increases Tidal’s cost of doing business and adds a load on the isps. It makes no sense to incur these when the cause is neither helpful or desired.

If Tidal had been paying attention they would have insisted that Off was the default setting in the first place.

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setting the auto-start radio off once should keep it off for that zone.

can someone give us instructions on how they get it to come back on?

Danny, the problem is not that the setting is “sticky” for each zone - it’s that if you add a new zone, or delete / re-add a zone, etc., the default is always “on”, which is rather disconcerting for many of us.

I quite frequently change my setup (as many as 2-3 times / month, with various streamers, DACs, etc, coming in and out of my system), and every single time I have to remember to go in and turn off the darned “radio”, because I never want that in my system :stuck_out_tongue:

So I think what we’re all asking for is the option to set the default to “off” instead of “on”, globally.

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@jhwalker, I understand your use case, but my question was directed at @Are_Kjersem’s experience.

The pesky Radio Default appears to still be “On” with no way to permanently and globally toggle it Off. Ok, I get it, there is a Radio Function built into ROON, yea, now I want to shut it “Off” until – in the unlikely chance – I ever need or want it!

If the Global Radio Off feature has been implemented, where might the Global “Off” switch be found?

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Turn Off Radio globally, Please! It’s like I am playing several albums by the same artist, then in the middle of that artist it starts to play someone else, like what the heck is that? and why is it playing someone else that I didn’t select, annoying and jarring at times. Well at least it’s usually in the same genre.

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I also find the random Radio assault highly annoying. Any update on globally disabling?

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I know - so many people have complained about this, I still don’t understand why they won’t set “off” as the default . . . or at least give us a choice in the settings!

I’m not arguing against having a global toggle for it, but if turned off once, does it not then stay off between sessions until you actively turn it on again?

I think the issue people have is that you have to do so for each zone. Which makes sense to me, but, I can understand the desire for a global OFF switch.

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Yes, it stays off once set for each individual zone / device. But when you add a new device, it always defaults to “on”, which is just maddening.

Considering you get a “new” device each time you upgrade a DAC’s firmware, move the connection from one USB port to another, etc., it’s particularly annoying.

I din’t get why Roon is so “colorblind” on this issue - people have been complaining about it since (literally) Day One, and they simply refuse to change it sigh.

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I searched and did not find an official statement on the topic, so I don’t think you can assume anything.

OK - “failed to change it for 2+ years”.

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I agree, this is one of those settings that should be a global.


I’d prefer if users had an option to default Radio to off on all devices. I understand one of the arguments for default On is discovery. New users might not find Radio if it wasn’t defaulted on. This argument gives insufficient weight to the unsatisfactory reversions identified by John Walker above.

If a “default state” switch was initially set to On, then users would discover Radio but could then change the default and avoid it in future.

Sure - I’m OK with the initial state after installing Roon for the first time being “On” - but please give us the opportunity to turn it off completely in the settings if we don’t like it / want it :slight_smile:

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Came back as on now after the last update, so freaking irritating. I don´t remember where to turn it off. Sholuld be a button to disable forever!

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Have posted further down, but it goes back to on after each Roon update…

I was wrong, had to recreate the wasapi queue for my dac after the last windows update, and that made the radio go to on.
Nearly gave me a heartattac as I didn´t expect any more songs.
I would like a Disable radio on all devices in the setup menu!!


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I also want a default option for Radio.